John Breen Wren IN THE NEWS

Burke Connection Edition ~ September 2016

Local Authors Create a Space in Burke to Sell, Sign Their Books

Eric Gardner of Springfield and John B. Wren of Fairfax set a tent at Burke Centre Festival.

WREN, a semi-retired mechanical engineer, has published four books since 2011, when he penned a contemporary psychological thriller about a serial killer in “To Probe a Beating Heart.”

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Springfield Connection Edition ~ October, 2017

Area Authors Tour Fall Literary Conferences

Scary plots are ripe for Halloween reading.

Wren, 73, has written two psychological thrillers and a mystery novel called “Darryl’s Reunion” that was adapted as a screenplay.

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Fairfax Connection Edition ~ November, 2011

Engineer turned Author

John Wren writes his first novel, “To Probe A Beating Heart”

“One weekend I had the time so I started writing. It took me 18 months. It’s kind of therapeutic. It’s fun. You write what you think. You flow into the paper.”

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Burke Connection Edition ~ April, 2014

Area Writers Shine At Crime Authors Book Fair

Fairfax County residents share insight …

A Book Fair held at National Crime and Punishment Museum the in Washington, DC.  With authors:  John B. Wren, Matthew Iden, D.A. Spruzen, Dan Morse, Andy Straka and Austin Camacho.

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Great Falls Connection Edition ~ April, 2015

Book Festival Brings Out Creativity

An Evening with the Authors,” first-ever Great Falls festival to be held May 2.

Fifteen local authors representing many genres unite for “An Evening with the Authors” to discuss their recently published books and how and why they journeyed into writing.

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