John Breen Wren

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John Breen Wren is the author of thrillers, mysteries, and historical fiction. John began writing fiction in 2009. To Probe a Beating Heart, his first novel, was published in 2011, with subsequent releases of Killing His Fear and Darryl’s Reunion.

Wren’s first three releases look beyond murder and mystery into how the world and personal experience influence human nature and behavior. Darryl’s Reunion has been adapted as a screenplay and is currently being considered by a number of production companies.

The popular An Trodai Historical Fiction Trilogy, is set in the ninth, tenth and eleventh centuries in Ireland. These three books, two novellas and a novel, describe the beginning of the Clann mac Laoghaire. Additional tales of the Clann’s history may be added to continue through the years between then and now.

Wren has also written several short stories. Four have been released as of November 1, 2020. Others are scheduled for release over the next few months.

John currently lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, Lois. He continues to write in several genres. For updates on his future projects, be sure to follow John on social media.